Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started with Bound Lotus?
A: If you are new to yoga, it is best to take a yoga class in your area, or attend a Bound Lotus workshop.

Q: What kind of breathing is good to do?
A: Long deep breathing through the nose helps to relax and calm the body and mind.

Q: How important is it for me to learn to chant the mantra?
A: Using a mantra or Shabad is an excellent technique to enhance and deepen your practice of Bound Lotus. But it is certainly not a requirement. This is one of the most powerful Kriya in all of yogic teaching, with or without a mantra

Q: What happens if I decide to do 40 days and I miss one day?
A: If you have committed to doing for example a 40 day practice you will need to start over again! The benefits of doing a set or Kriya or meditation over a constant period of time are more powerful than when you do it in an interrupted way, because your nervous system makes new habits over 40 days and so when you are consistent you train your nervous system a new pattern.

Q: How do I breathe when my face is in a pile of pillows?
A: It is better if you rest your forehead on the pillow, rather then your entire face. That way you can breathe more easily and still get the support for your head.

Q: I would like to do Bound Lotus, but I do not have time, I am so busy. What can I do?
A: Start out with a few minutes each day and build up.

Q: Is it better for me to work with my breath, tongue and eye position, being as perfect as I can be for 3 minutes a side? Or is it better to try to increase my time or depth of posture? I seem to be only able to concentrate on one thing at a time.
A: It is OK to focus on just one thing at a time. Over time you might be able to stay in the posture for a few minutes being able to do both. This doesn’t mean you are doing the Kriya better or worse when you can ‘only’ one of the two at a time.

Q: My right knee started hurting, should I stop the Kriya entirely or can you do ‘half Bound Lotus’?
A: Yes, you can do half Bound Lotus. Simply use the leg that doesn’t have a painful knee. If both knees hurt however, you should stop doing the Kriya. Knees are very unforgiving joints and can take a very long time to heal. It is wise to wait till the pain is gone and then gently start again by doing extra stretches (especially hip openers, since hips relate to knees) and more warm ups. If your knees keep bothering you, please seek help from a qualified medical professional.

Q: I seem to be having pain everywhere in my body. Why?
A: Bound Lotus is the most difficult Kriya. It is not just challenging on a physical level but also on mental, emotional and subtle levels. Often, the pains you feel in your physical body are related to emotional blocks or limitations of the mind. For example: repressed anger often shows itself as pain in the upper arms and calves. Pain in knees is often related to unexpressed emotions that lead to grudges. Also consider that this Kriya shows you where you are stiff and where your body needs to be given extra attention. For example: if you can’t reach your toe, that doesn’t necessarily mean your arms are too short. But it may point out that your back has to develop more flexibility, allowing you to bend more deeply.
This Kriya requires patience. Over time you will become more flexible and it will start to hurt less. Be gentle with yourself. This Kriya is not about perfection but about commitment to refining oneself.

Q: When is the best time to practice this Kriya?
A: Early morning, especially in the hours before sunrise, was recognized by the yoga masters of old as the most beneficial time of day to meditate. Meditation in the morning sets the spirit for the day. If your obligations make morning practice impossible, any time of day or night is a good time.
Whatever time of day you practice is only a good time after good stretching. Do NOT do this Kriya if you have not properly warmed up; this can lead to injury. Take the time to be good to yourself.

Q: Some people asked me if I can teach it to them. Are we allowed to teach it to others or do you need certification first?
A: Bound Lotus requires training, practice, and personal experience in order to properly share with others in a safe and effective manner. We are working on a certification program that will allow you to learn how to teach the Kriya to others. Please contact us at the email addresses provide below.

Q: It seems hard to do this by myself. Any suggestions on how I can ‘Keep Up’?
A: This is a very challenging practice. You will benefit from the company of others who are going through the same experience. So try to get together with others who practice the Kriya.

Q: Is it ok to use music other than the recommended Ray Man Shabad?
A: Yes it is. You can use whatever uplifts you and carries you through.
This practice is about your spiritual growth and your personal experience, which is unique to you.

Q: Is there something that can help me become more flexible?
A: There is no magic pill. The best thing to do is stretch.
For more flexible joints we suggest the Indian herb turmeric. A delicious way to take turmeric is in Golden Milk (see recipe below)

Q: Would you be interested in receiving my testimonial?
A: We would love to hear from you and how you are feeling and doing with the Kriya. Please email testimonials to Let us know in your email if we are free to share your comments with others.

Q: Is the increase in blood flow to the head and heart areas a danger to people with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems?
A: We strongly recommend that you consult a licensed heathcare professional before beginning this or any exercise program, especially if you have a known medical condition.

Q: How long should I practice every day?
A: Thirty one minutes is the optimal time. It is the length of time that allows the glands, breath, and concentration to affect all the cells and rhythms of the body. Any amount of time, up to 31 minutes, will be beneficial, However you are not to exceed this 31 minutes as instructed by Yogi Bhajan.


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