About Mahan Kirn Khalsa

I have practiced 31 minutes a day since December 2, 2001 and I plan to continue doing this for the rest of my life. After practicing for 2 years, Yogi Bhajan requested that I start teaching this Kriya. He said “Let them know it will serve them in their future.” The most important thing that I discovered when I started to teach this Kriya is that it is not about attaining a perfect posture. It is about making a commitment to the Self, and the process of self-discovery and self-mastery. Flexibility is a nice side effect, but not a necessity to experience the many benefits.

It is my prayer that this timeless technology may serve you forever.

Mahan Kirn Khalsa has been doing Kundalini Yoga since she was 9 years old, and she has been a student of Yogi Bhajan since she was 8. She spent 10 years at boarding school in India. Mahan Kirn facilitates White Tantric Yoga, and is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, has a Master’s in business and a Masters in Accounting. She travels and teaches Bound Lotus classes and workshops around the world.