The following are excerpts from emails, letters, and personal statements sent by people who have been practicing Bound Lotus. While everyone’s experience of a regular practice is unique, it is interesting to hear what others have discovered through their daily practice of Bound Lotus.

“There was not a single healing event that occurred, just a shift in my own perception that happened over time. Things that had felt like barriers keeping me from what I wanted became steps to the fulfillment in those very things.”

“Unconsciously, we all try to run away from our challenges in life, from the things we don’t want to face in ourselves. Since I started doing this practice, for half an hour every day I don’t have that opportunity. There I am, tied up, roasting like a chicken trussed on the grill. Wow. No where to run to! All I can do is relax and surrender. And that surrender for 31 minutes every day has been the great gift of this Kriya”

“This practice has given me a sense that my Soul is divine, that my body and mind have the blessing to serve it, and that yes- the power to heal lies within.”

“I had read Mahan Kirn's story about her experience with Bound Lotus, but it wasn't until I began to personally work with her that I got the courage to do it. She showed me great techniques to warm up, how to use props and pillows, and most importantly, she helped me feel a deep sense of the possibility to heal even the impossible.”

“First we named it Torture Pose, then Transformation Pose, because it moved us on all levels. My chronic hip pain, which plagued me for a year, slowly faded away. I released old emotional patterns and a lot of anger. I became more intuitive and calmer and started feeling a deeper connection with myself and who I truly am: infinite, godly, beautiful, and happy. This pose changed my life so much that even the physical pain could not stop me from doing it. It works miracles!”

“I have practiced various meditations for 40, 120, and 1,000 days, but none have made me change so much and so quickly as Bound Lotus. It has taken away pain and attachments that were really deep in my soul. I feel free, secure, strong, and fearless—but most of all—happy.”

“As I practiced each day I began to learn the meaning of each word in the Ray Man Shabad. The Bound Lotus posture put me into a state where I began to not only understand the meaning of the Shabad but experience the mantra healing me on a cellular level. At times I would just listen to the Shabad while in the posture. Other times the pain of being in the posture was so great that I turned to the Shabad and sang with all of my heart. As I chanted the resonance of the words not only got me through the Kriya but also gave me a real sense of being cleansed down to the core. The resonance of the Shabad became my own resonance as the words stayed with me throughout the entire day and would come into my mind at just the right time to help me through particular situations. I began to realize that the energy of the Shabad was alive and had entered into my being and was working with me in every “possible way” to bring about healing.”

“For me, the most important thing is to be properly warmed up so that then the position becomes easy. I pray that my body, even into old age, will allow me to do this position as the sublime states of physical and spiritual well-being that it brings to me are truly profound.”

“Bound Lotus has helped my mind and emotions to have a stable projection to be able to go through the darkest imaginable fears. It keeps connecting me to who I am. There is no room to run away from any problem. I committed to doing it for a year to stop feeling sad that my mom had died by suicide, and it worked. You can pick any reason to do it and it will be great.”

“One month before Mahan Kirn came to Toluca, Mexico; I had Pneumonia, and still had a very bad health problem when she arrived. I was praying to God and Guru to bring me back to full recovery which I thought I was far from. Then she taught us (my daughter and me) the miraculous Bound Lotus pose and the beauties that Siri Singh Sahib had told her about it. I still haven’t mastered it, maybe it will take me 10 more years and 20 pounds less, but it doesn’t matter, it made its effects right away on my lungs and my general health.”

“I have noticed this pose works in many levels: karmic, meridians, internal organs, very deep sadness, or anger, etc., I have done it for 93 days now, and I feel so great I think I will do it for the rest of my life.”

“At the beginning, when I was told how to do this Kriya I thought to my self “I will never be able to do that, that’s only for those yogis that are meditating the whole day up in the mountain” But since I heard wonderful things about it, I decided to try it out. The first month was the most painful; I thought that my legs were going to break every time I came out of the posture. I really thought that the pain was getting harmful, but nothing catastrophic happened, on the contrary, I started feeling less pain every time I came out of the posture. With this Kriya my mind gets trained, concentration and patience take over. It might be for just a minute, but that minute extends each day. I had a severe digestive problem since birth and now this Kriya has done the job.”

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